Getting Back To Our
First Interest
Dave Clegg

The Anatomy of a Club

Our Combine Goals - Good Fellowship, High Degree Of Integrity Dealing With Each Other, Keen Competition, The Welfare Of The Birds Comes First !

Saturday's NC Combine Picnic was a great event and all who attended seemed to have a great time. We had surprise visits from Bud Sprinkle and Cliff Loop...two of the guys who flew many years with our combine.

Food was great and the event was well planned, SO Congratulations to Rick Smith and his fellow TRC members for putting on a great event. We had between 55 and 60 people present and about 25 of our active flyers.

Our menu was Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with all the trimmings and great deserts brought by members and their families. We had about a 30 minute award's program for giving our 2010 OB Diploma's.

The Dan Nichols park is a wonderful facility and I for one would vote to return there for our 2011 Picnic.

Attached is a great picture of the Combine Members and Old Timers that was taken by Rick's wife. Really turned out great....and especially when you consider her subjects.

Hopefully next year's picnic will be even bigger. Again, many thanks to all who had a hand in putting on this great event.

Steve Norman - President - North Carolina Combine  


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